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so ‘Save Henry’…

What can I say.. 

The Regina x Henry moments were amazing, I’ve always liked their relationship though yes fought to stay on certain sides time after time. I’m a conflicted person ok and the show doesn’t make it easy! But yeah, this episode really made me love them together and baby henry is so fucking cute! aah

Though I think my fave scene of theirs was after Henry’s gets his heart back and Regina is at his side and the pizza comment, that. just. perfection. it show’s that you know they’ve have positive history and was just aah so sweeet.

I really really need Emma and Regina to be able to work something out so that they can both take care of him. please please. omfg if they all lived in this huge mansion.. 

GUISE.The banter between Killian and Neal. aaaah Hookfire feels (Neal please get with tink/wendy(don’t judge ok, ill explain/someone else and be on good terms with Hook. PLEASE) 

OH OH wait up. Rumple and Neal. Oh my god. I just. OH MY GOD. 

The way he first looks at Neal when he comes out of the box and Neal’s smile and the way he says Papa and the hug AND JUST HOW THEY CALL EACH OTHER PAPA AND BAE BECAUSE THAT’S OK NOW. FINALLY. they are FINALLY ok. AND HE FORGIVES AND GIHFOJEKLMVPOIH

The Regina and Tink moment was adorbs, I need them to be friends please. PLEASE. and omg robin. what’s happening there aah.

THE PERFECTION tho. was the ‘As you wish my lady’. I fucking screamed. I CANNOT. deal with The Princess Bride references ok, just. can’t. deal. too.perfect.dead.

Whoever decided to include it in the script, be it Colin cos he likes referring TPB (as referred to in a interview) or the writers for wanting to keep with that theme. KUDOS. I’m sure you pretty much killed all the CS’ers. so thankyou. I hope you guys get lots of cookies. seriously. 

so I can go on but I will leave you with one question.







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"You did the same thing to your son. You traded Baelfire for the power of a dagger, and I traded you for youth. We’re a lot more alike than you care to admit."

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OUAT is out to kill all of us..

I’m not even kidding.. we have to choose between Robbie’s perfect face and Henry? REALLY. BITCH REALLY. 

oh my god. this episode.. what do i even say. It was heart wrenching since the first scene. I just can’t with this show. I also suspected that Peter was Rumple’s dad but didn’t expect my theory to actually be true. wtf. 

And go back to think about all the times Peter taunted Rumple, be it back in the enchanted forest or later at neverland. oh my god all those feeeeeels. 

i don’t actually ship peter with anyone (besides myself) 

seriously thought that perfect face and accent.. aaah don’t go :’(

but aye did Neal finally get rumple for once! and start sorta trusting him again (giving him the box after realising rumple wasn’t lying?) oh god please be true i need them to be happy together!

and ooh young rumple is so fucking cute <3

young rumple’s dad though ;)

and am I the only one who caught Hook staring at Emma in a few of those scenes aaah my babies <3

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Gah this episode. 

Rumple, oh god that just incites a load of sad feels :’( I pretty sure i wanted to cry at the seen Neal leave’s him for the second time, after freezing his powers. 

Neal. well. in the beginning I loved the re-union and the whole badassery - saving Henry and all that. But damn, was real hoping he’d finally forgive his dad, believing each other is probably what’s going to get them out of there gaaah neal why. 

Snow and Charming - oh god the moving on scene. aaaaah I want him to tell her!! come on, they can find a cure dammit. It’s not like they’ll kill of one of the main heroes so soon, he should just tell her now so they have more time to find a cure instead of later when he has like an hour to live and they have to go to desperate lengths to find a cure. 

and now to the best part

Killian and Emma <3 

Damn just damn, firstly Killian’s scene with Charming. Oh my god the feeeeels, aaah <3 There was worry, sadness there and some hope and just woah the mix was so emotional. basically perfection. 

I saw that once again in the cave, the look in his eyes as he gazed at Emma, asked her if she was ok. Or in the scene he looks at her while she is talking to the rest of the group. Just enjflkd my feels <3

Let’s not forget him asking Emma to join him to open the door. He was actually asking for her assistance because they make a good team, they work well together so his first thought is to pick and because he fancies her ;)

What really killed me is him having problems doing things because of loosing a hand. Just Oh god. my heart. ugh. pain. 

the look on his face, his disheartened expression just gah. </3 

can’t wait for more of his back story in the next episode AND THE KISS!

p.s - my hookfire feels died in this episode. all those mentions by Hook.. this episode seriously ruined me. 

p.p.s - am i the only one who thought henry was faking it?

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don’t you see? that’s exactly the reason I have to stay.

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